Saturday, January 17, 2009

ICC Rankings Should Based On All time Players or Year Time?

ICC (International Cricket Council) has been forced to issue a media release for tough disapproval for its ratings after Wednesday's announcement that Matthew Hayden was rated as the 10th-best Test batsmen of all time. The newspaper said that it had been forced into a "damage-limitation exercise" after 10 was not Sachin Tendulkar ranked at No. 26 "This does not necessarily mean that he is the 10th-best Test batsman or 18-best ODI batsman in history the game ", an ICC spokesman said. "The ratings provide an indication of how players peaked during his career, but does not give a complete picture of the players' level of constancy and long life in the game.
India's former left-arm spinner Maninder Singh marked the ratings a "joke" and said "Sadistic" The ICC authorities should stop coming out with such lists. While BCCI secretary Niranjan Shah was moved to describe the ratings system as ludicrous. "The rankings are a great way to compare the presentation of players, but the all-time list of most popular players in itself does not rank players in the form of true greatness. Therefore, some players that most observers of the game to be very happy that Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Wally Hammond, Greg Chappell and others not listed in the top 20 in all-time high ratings.
But many remained far from convinced. "I am appalled at the ICC's methods to produce the best batsman and best Bowler," fumed Kapil Dev. "It is all the more disappointing when I look at the names of Gavaskar and Tendulkar not find on top."

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