Saturday, January 17, 2009

DataWind Introduces New PocketSurfer 2 Device

• Independent self-contained unit with built-in GPRS modem and SIM
• GPS location information
• Lithium polymer battery
• 5 hours battery life for active usage, and 5 days standby
• Built-in high performance antenna
• Transreflective backlit display
• 640 x 240 VGA colour
• Mini USB charger
• Mouse pointer
• Backlit QWERTY keyboard
• Sub 7 second page-load
• Web browsing in original layout
• Weight – 174 grams
• Dimensions - 152 x 75 x 15 mm

PocketSurfer 2 Handheld
Pricing and availability:

The PocketSurfer2 is priced at £179.99 and will be available in high street stores, and independent consumer electronics and mobile phone stores throughout the UK starting August 16th, 2007. Additionally, the PocketSurfer2 will also be available through online retailers and television direct marketing. From July 25th, 2007, pre-orders can be placed through Amazon UK to obtain first delivery before high-street availability.
PocketSurfer2 Handheld

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