Friday, January 16, 2009

Dubai’s fantastic Shopping mall

Dubai goods: the biggest shopping mall in the world

Dubai world's biggest shopping mall in Dubai Mall is to be found. I stand and Burj Dubai, a 20 billion U.S. dollars project is an integral part Antrnirmit 1200 stores in the area with the greatest of the world total.

This is 4 times as the new Westfield Center in the form of several London. Delayed twice, Dubai Stock 4 November 2008 of about 600 dealers with retail in the history of the world's largest - opened on the Mall opening rate. But this is the largest gross Lease Able in space, and is not in the South China goods, gold resource material, SM City North EDSA and SM Mall of Asia, including through the mall is passed.

12 million square meters in size a large, 5.9 million square feet Dubai shares and 3.77 million square feet of space Lease Able of West Edmonton Mall as a total internal floor area.

Some More Cool Collection Of Dubai Creek Pictures:

The Dubai Mall features
1 - Dubai Aquarium
A input showpiece Dubai Aquarium, one of the biggest tank in the world in the 51m x 20m x 11m and 32l8m wide-ranging and high 8l3m see the world's largest panel function. Over time, Dubai AQUARIUM more than 33,000 live animals, including over 400 sharks and rays, together representing more than 85 species will be. Dubai AQUARIUM 270 degrees of glass education to close the tunnel is unbelievable - encounter experiences

2 - Ice Rink
Dubai, a magical is Rink in winter Wonderland slide. With their lives than Olympic size, that you, your right to learn skating techniques try to play ice hockey, socialize with friends or just a great time, this year's grand instead of a trip at any time for the best place.


2-hour session and skate rental - AED 50

3 - KidZania
In a city built for children to think and operate. A place where they fly planes, ride the buses and they are working in the restaurant. A world where children live dreams are free - imagine a world in adult roles they play for now, made of fine details.

4 - Reel Cinemas
Most of the goods to Dubai in the complex film reel from the sensory overload redefine the cinematic experience. The 22-screens in Dubai, the 'Multiplex' local indeed hit recently with the biggest international blockbusters plant is. , Popcorn, and get ready to load some friends to hold on to is to be entertained.

5 - Sega Republic
Adrenalin nation depends participate. The region first Sega indoor theme park a thought - change, blind - inspiring, adrenaline-pumping attraction. Republic, where you Sega makes its own rules. And rebel against the senses go into the gears. worn out. Then in mid-2009 will be opened.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall Aquarium Opening

Teyobz's Dubai Mall Tour

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