Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nicaragua Largest country in Central America

Nicaragua, largest country in Central America. Nicaragua called "country of lakes and volcanoes, and the largest lake in Central America and a chain of volcanic peaks dominate the western part of the country. Lakes also fill craters that many of the volcanoes. Most of the Nicaraguan people that live in the country's western lowlands, where most of the country's economic activity is also present. Managua, the capital and largest city which lies along the banks of Lake Managua in western Nicaragua, the geological fault lines. Severe earthquake devastated Managua twice in the 20th century. Nicaragua has the thick rain forests, hilly Highlands, and the fertile agricultural areas. Nicaragua probably takes its name from Nicarao, leader of the indigenous people who lived around Lake Nicaragua since the Spanish explorers and conquerors arrived in the early 1500s. Today, most people are of mixed European and Indian descent, but the country also has minority mostly Native American, African or European descent. The total population is 5.8 million.


Nicaragua economy is mainly based on agriculture, especially on crops for export. Coffee is the most important agricultural products, export products, while corn is the primary reason crop grown for domestic consumption. Nicaragua among the poorest countries in Central America, after years of corrupt dictatorships, natural disasters, revolution and civil war. Nicaragua has had a stormy history, marked by internal conflicts and interventions in other countries, particularly the United States. Nicaragua remained a small part of the Spanish colonial era era empire from the early 1500s to independence in 1821. Ongoing conflict between liberal and conservative groups such as political stability impossible under the country's first century of independence. U.S. armed forces intervened on several occasions: in the 1850s when an American mercenary in Nicaragua, and between 1912 and 1933, when U.S. Marines were stationed in Germany to impose order.

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