Friday, January 16, 2009

America's Best Dance Crew Casting Season 3

America's Best Dance Crew (ABDC) is an American TV show with a street dance crews from the United States. Season three is set to premiere on January 15 2009 on MTV in the United States. It is host Mario Lopez and features Layla Kayleigh as the backstage correspondent. Judges are rapper Lil Mama, former * NSYNC singer JC Chasez, and hip-hop choreographer Shane Sparks. JC, one of the three judges said that "we take some more time between seasons, which will give people time to get their crews together, practice and prepare. JabbaWockeeZ 'Rynan Paguio is the guest host instead of JC Chasez makes him officially the third member of the panel for the premiere. This is the first season without a special casting episode.

America's Best Dance Crew is back for another season. Open casting call was recently held in Atlanta, Austin, Miami, St. Louis, Baltimore, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, were some of the crews auditioning: Situation Overview setters, Street Vibe, The hype, head hunters, foreign exchange, worldwide, Quest Dance Crew, Boxcuttuhz and spirit. See if these troops make it to America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 in January 2009. The Quest Dance Crew was part of the cooperation Dance Like Michael Jackson Music Video of the Far East Movement and led by Wong Fu Productions.
Boxcuttuhz Audition for America's Best Dance Crew Season 3 -- High quality version-

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