Saturday, January 17, 2009

One more dangerous Windows Trojan Worm hits 8.9 million PC's

Safety researcher’s explanation that a Computer worm impure Windows 3.5 million in the last four days.

Young insect, Conficker, Downadup or described Kido, Microsoft in October 2008 through this conformity a risk spread. When a machine and set up HTTP server administrator to remove it is a machine to put off the system, restore point reset. "Downadup number of infections on the basis of the calculations is skyrocketing," alleged F - safely to your blog. A likely 2.4 million infected machines to more than 8.9 million in the last four days. It is incredible.
This allows the worm is always a Trojan package includes new files downloaded from the server to the controller. Malware check for updates, but to create hundreds of seemingly random domain name, an unusual twist, it is very difficult to control used by malware authors to create. Our advice to port 445 on computers to ensure that all incoming and outgoing traffic is blocked on (B) the Internet and (b) if they are a form of exploitation of the file via network shares for the rest of the infected are not able to act with one hit, no, "Graham Cluley, Sophos senior technical professional said.
“If you put a group policy object after many ineffective attempts to lock login accounts, the worm can cause many of these accounts will be password under the worm attempts to block out cracking. It is obvious may be disturbed, but this is a good sign that can infect a computer on the network can be.USA and Europe server fewest common infection of IT administrator to update due to be made. China, Brazil and Russia have been difficult, according to F - strike carefully.

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