Saturday, January 17, 2009

10 Lessons Obama Can Learn From GeorgeBush

As Bob Woodward of the incoming administration should be different settings.
1.The conference tone. Do not be passive or stand infectious divisions.
2.The president emphasized that all the people in front of others, even - or especially difficult thing to be - when there are emotional differences.
3.A President original ideas and concepts behind his policies will have to cope with homework.
4.Conference to attract people, and believe it is bad news for the Oval Office needs to do.

5.The presidents of mistrust and doubt is a need to promote a culture.
6.The conference will have contradictory information, and a hard way to solve it is necessary.
7.Chairman of the public, even though many bad news that would be difficult to tell the truth.
8.Not very fair motives for the policy is effective.
9.The conference will be placed on strategic thinking.
10.The President should include transparency. If the amount is made available via the right, after his White House version of the time required for the general public will occur - the scenes history - and everything will be fine.

I have to add to the list "as a category 2 of the American people are not talking."

Barack Obama in Berlin

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