Monday, January 19, 2009

LG announces entry level GB106 and GB110 handsets

LG announces entry level GB106 and GB110 handsets
India is leading mobile phone maker LG GB106 and GB110 unveiled two entry-level phones are. The two calls a lot better than the current entry-level handsets in the country are now in use.

LG announces entry level GB106 and GB110 handsets A 1.5-inch color display screen, the 106 GB bundles
Five-way D - pads need a headset, while the broadcast to radio listening.
Its battery life of 4 hours and Standby time of 400 hours Talk time offers.
However, other handset GB110 high Level to a Slightly, GB106 in facilities in Additing is also a MicroSD card slot and a 2GB VGA camera in the pack. The 950-mash battery allows you to enhance our dialogue.
Both handsets and mobile phone users for the first time the emerging markets goal. Both handsets GB106 and GB110, 950 mAh Li - ion battery, and only 1MB of user memory FM radio, such as infrastructure construction - is in the antenna.
Additionally is, GB110 a VGA camera and a MicroSD slot for additional storage up to 2GB supported game. These phones later this month, an undefined value, or free on a contract should be available.
The two mobile phones by the end of this month in the Indian market are probable to be successful.

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