Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hard to believe Development: 5 Videos of Amazing Creatures and Their Stunning Means of Survival

This video, the natural world around us a quick look of the incredible offer and how to live in some strange creature has been developed to describe in words.
Cordycepes Fungi

This amazing shot fungus attack on the minds of ants a way has been developed. They like to control high on the ground where the ants fungus spore will spread more effectively to move.

2.Lyre Bird - Imitating Sounds - David Attenborough
This bird is an effective copy cat. To do it 20 different species mating calls Reproduce can. The other person can copy more surprising to improve the camera and the car alarm Shutters, including the hearing, it seems, have made

3.Moon Walking Manakin Bird-What a Riot!
Latin America's rain forests from Manakin Partner attract birds to have developed a very good way. This mating ritual as part of a Michael Jackson Moonwalk type uses. Is very good, and really surprising. 

4.Zombie snails
These parasites, these unforeseen Leucochloridium paradoxum called Snails attack of the mind. As they lure them in their eggs, which then spread to the forest to hunt big lure to use snail. 

5.Japanese Bees Swarm Tactic
This Japanese the world's largest honey bees Hornet to save themselves have developed a unique way. A technique that started the European bees have not yet achieved

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