Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inflation rate rises again, to 5.6 percent.

When a decline in ten weeks with inflation for the week ending January 10 touched 5.6 percent from 5.24 percent last week due to higher prices of edible things like fruit and vegetables. Prices for fruit and vegetables has increased due to the truckers' strike.
Inflation rate rises again, to 5.6 percent.
The increase in the price increase, which followed two months because of an eight-day nationwide strike by truck operators, which began on January 5. Among the items that were more expensive during the week was the fruit and vegetables (9 percent), wheat (2 percent) and spices, milk, Ragi and rice (1 per cent each).
Inflation measured by the development in wholesale prices, rose by 36 basis points for the week ending January 10. It was 4.36 percent a year ago.
The index for primary articles rose by 2.2 percent. Although the index for fuel lines remained unchanged during the week, the manufactured items index increased by 0.2 percent.
I food category, oilcakes animals with 8 percent, fish by 43 percent, and imported edible oil and coconut oil with 7 percent each. Items that reported a decline in prices include crude oil (8 percent) and groundnut oil (1 percent). Prices of rubber and plastic products also decreased marginally.

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