Tuesday, January 20, 2009

6 people killed by falling from moving train, 200 injured

Faizabad [Uttar Pradesh]. Pratapgarh train to run in Chilbila falling from the roof of the six people were killed and about 200 others were injured.
The area 80 kilometers from Faizabad far. Station Officer [Jiarpi] Abhimanyu Dhar Dwivedi told Express Sru people sitting on the roof of a tree branch into the accident Monday. The train runs between Allahabad from Faizabad.

Dwivedi said in the accident, six people were killed and 200 others injured. Close to the injured have been admitted to the hospital. He said that most passengers in the Army's recruitment campaign to join the coaches who are coming Abyarthy being in place were sitting on the roof.

As per IBN Khabar News :
A lamp that was almost a thousand in the number of boys. After putting to come. We were on the roof. We weighed our friend, but on the other side was. He is hurt. Dwivedi said Lalit Kumar injured a lot of people were sitting on top. Down a door was opened. That started because of injury.

After the crash, the RPF and local police searched the vicinity of the railway track, in which several people injured, with two bodies also were found. Sultanpur 50 wounded in the hospital and the rest of the railway to Pratapgarh, Lucknow and Allahabad has been admitted to the hospital. Allahabad from Faizabad Railway Electrification of the route is not. The reason people often sitting on the roof of the train travel can be seen. Neither they nor Pakdti Railway Police officer of the Railways. The result of such accidents, fear remains.

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