Monday, January 19, 2009

Bowl champion Ray lewis kill

Ray Lewis is known for many things, like being a clear cut future Hall of Famer, a Super Bowl champion, and getting indicted for murder. Jury selection began today in the murder trial of Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. Lewis, wearing a dark suit, entered the courtroom half an hour before his other two co-defendants, Reginald Oakley and Joseph Sweeting. Neither Oaklay nor Sweeting spoke to the NFL star as they came in. Lewis' lawyers are expected to argue he didn't stab anyone and acted as peacemaker.
Ray lewis murder,clear cut future Hall of Famer, a Super Bowl champion, and getting indicted for murder.
The three are charged with murder in the Jan. 31 deaths of Jacinth (Shorty) Baker, 21, and Richard Lollar, 24, following a post-Super Bowl party on Jan. 31. Prosecutors contend Lollar and Baker argued with Lewis and his friends after they left Cobalt Lounge. Lollar and Baker ran away after seeing their foes had knives, the documents said, and Lewis, Sweeting and Oakley chased them down. Garland said Lewis was a "horrified bystander" who tried to prevent and then break up the fight. But if the prosecution can convince a jury that Lewis participated in the brawl that led to the two deaths, he can be convicted of murder even if he didn't stab anyone.

Lawyers for Oakley and Sweeting have indicated they may argue self-defence. Bruce Harvey, Oakley's lawyer, asked Judge Bonner to bar people from referring to Baker and Lollar as victims and said one of them hit his client over the head with a champagne bottle. Oakley and Sweeting are small-time criminals -each with a long arrest record -with dreams of hitting the big-time in the entertainment business. Lewis has a four-year, $26 million contract with the Ravens and is one of the NFL's best defensive players.Ray lewis is also known for nearly killing people on the field as well.
Hardest hits of Ray lewis-

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