Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Do it only 1 min/per day to Keep Health and fitness

A quick pump up something like a jumping jack is an all-over body workout that can get you into the low decline today, "says personal trainer and fitness expert Tracey Mallett, which includes one-minute intervals in her book" Sexy in 6 "Unfortunately, a paltry 60 second workout will not blow up in the form. But it can quickly increase energy levels, focus attention and increased blood flow. String four-minute drills together, lower body, upper body, one heart and one heart, and you have a decent full body workout, "says Karen Rzesutko, co-founder of Chicago-based Escape 2 Fitness, which provides home and office for health and fitness.
Fitness is like a drug, and every person needs a second dose. But if you are time-pressed, you can still enjoy a minimum: one-minute break or movement. A paltry 60 second workout will not blow up in the form. But it can quickly promote energy levles, focus attention and increased blood flow. -Julie Deardorff
Try these exercises, modeled after Rzesutko less than one minute .
Work ass muscles or gluten by running up the stairs, pumping arms. Go down. Making it harder, try to go sideways or up the stairs two at a time, said Rzesutko.

One-minute workouts.

Lung, who works on the hips, core and lower legs, is the women squat is for men, "says personal trainer and massage therapist Mark Villa. Kaster slowly backward with one foot in the throwing position, bending both knees and lower your hips so that the front thigh is parallel with the floor. Front knee should be vertical over the foot and ankle. Return to starting position. If you want to change, roll, twist one side. Or hook your back foot on a chair.One-minute workouts.

To strengthen transversal abdominus level plan be on your stomach with your palms on the floor. Keep your elbows close to your pages, and hands directly under shoulders. Lift pushups position, with torso and legs rigid. Wait a minute. For differences, bringing your knees to your chest while plank position connector pins in and out or switch lifting each foot, said Rzesutko.One-minute workouts.

In addition to strengthening the core, push-ups developing Pectorals fins fin muscles and Triceps. Get in plank position with feet together. Lower down on the floor and push up again. If it is too hard, spread your feet about 6 inches apart, or reduce our knees to the floor. Making it harder, put your feet on a chair. Make it easier to do a wall push-up.

One-minute workouts.

Raise arms over head, stand on one leg and tips to a position further back legs and hands to make a line parallel with the floor. The scale tips or "flip" requires both concentration and stability. It tones the lower back, stomach, hips and thighs. You can also do to keep an exercise ball. One-minute workouts.

For a minute task, you can better balance and core stabilization muscles, close your eyes. Try to balance on one leg while moving the second leg in circles, "said Rzesutko. One-minute workouts.

Stand up when you sit in the chair.

One-minute workouts.

Remember, do arm circles in elementary? You are working over your shoulder "belt" and a murderer in a minute. Start by making small circular movements with both arms on both sides. After a few repetitions of small circles, enlarge your circles and do the same number of REPS.

One-minute workouts.

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