Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sarah Palin Resignation | Sarah Palin resign | sarah palin quit | sarah palin stepping down

Sarah Palin, as you may have heard, is to resign the governor of Alaska later this month, in order, reports Post Chris Cillizza, a focus on the 2012 presidential election bid. And the blow, he will return to many of the reasons that he will never be president.

Sarah Palin Resignation | Sarah Palin resign | sarah palin quit | sarah palin stepping down

Let the theories begin beer scandal in which his fast and loose state funds? Grand Standing in front of the Senate race and / or the White House? FOX's new empty talking head? None, but do not pin this David Letterman.

First, the time is not only that there is more time, now and in the forthcoming presidential election has not yet expired. It is more time between now and the next mid-term evaluations of the elections, which has since last November. Maybe not ever, not bad for a presidential overambition covertly. Of course, it is difficult for the campaign, and directs the State so far from Iowa, but he may have simply decided that it would not last for reelection next year. This will make your eyes can juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Judgment skills, or rather the questionable possession of them. His disastrous campaign in the interviews aggrandized request to talk about the election night of his inability to decide whether to speak to GOP functions of their incompetence reading the newspapers for his fight against David Letterman, who has proved a volatile temper and inability to think strategically. John Weaver, a long-McCainite, The Post said this afternoon: "We've seen a lot of nutty behavior of governors and the Republican leaders have over the last three months, but this is on that."

UPDATE: Palin recently accused of having forced the office of Public Health out of office is "out of step on social issues," says he wants to leave the government to "affect [sic] a change" from abroad. "We know that it can affect [sic] the government had changed, now the second level, and self-control." Policy? Because it is only a "superficial, wasteful blood sport." Superficial ... like this picture of his profile, Runner's World

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