Thursday, July 2, 2009

Akshay Kumar secretly happy `s Ayurveda

If Deepak Chopra has introduced half of Hollywood to yoga and spiritual healing as Akshay Kumar credited for introducing Sylvester Stallone to Ayurveda.
Akshay Kumar`s Ayurveda impresses Sly
A practitioner of the ancient Indian art of natural healing, Akshay never take any form of de-stress or stress-buster, not even tea or coffee.

Akshay said that this day I do not drink, not even tea or coffee. I go home from work and sleep early. While shooting for Kambakkht ishq, figures Lone and I came down to discuss my passion for Ayurveda. I never knew that he would be so hooked on it. "

He ga Lone figures with the name of his favorite Ayurvedic physician. Says Akshay, "I play Sylvester Stallone's double, but I have only 2-3 big action scenes. But I have to spend hours on Lone in LA. And it is when we are not talking boring stuff about our film, please! Guess what we exchanged notes about? broken bones! He talked about his problems with his knees. I told him about my back problem and Ayurvedic treatment for my back. He was really interested in Ayurvedic treatment and wanted all the details. "

Interestingly Akshay has never resorted to allopathic treatment for all diseases. "I've never pop pills for some disease, I never go to the medicine cabinet when I get hurt or cut. I totally believe in natural healing. And it goes on your body as much as the mind."

Lone figures, has actually asked why he had not been told about Ayurveda earlier. He apparently intends to tell his second Hollywood peers to Ayurveda.

But Akshay is not giving away all its tricks. "I did not tell him the secret my youth. Chyawanprash. Some things are too sacred to be shared, Akshay joked.

Stealth apparently intends to tell his second Hollywood peers to Ayurveda

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