Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson’s Secret Girlfriend | who was michael jackson s girlfriend

Secret girlfriend of Michael Jackson is no longer a secret ... Mystery friend of Michal Jackson revealed.
Michael Jackson’s Secret Girlfriend
Michael Jackson had a secret girlfriend "for several years. This information has now been revealed that Michael buy the former body guard Matt Fidder told the news media.

With questions about the deceased King Pop's sexuality and revelations that all his children are not biologically related, many have thought Michael Jackson may have been a gay man. But now rumors of Michael Jackson is a homosexual, is unfounded, according to the former body guard Matt violin said Michael Jackson had a "special" in his life, but Jackson had managed to keep his love relationship a mystery from the world.

Matt violin tells Sky News "I'm not going to mention who she is, but I think that the family was aware that there was no particular point in life that he loved and adored and had their ups and downs with "

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