Thursday, July 2, 2009

Katrina Kaif's insecure need a new home!

Katrina Kaif, who currently lives in Water Field Road in Bandra is desperately looking for another house because of lax security in his building.
Insecure Katrina Kaif needs a new home!
Katrina was more than happy living alone in the house where she had bought four years ago with their hard-earned money. But too late, she is scared because of the increase in burglaries barging into her house.

Katrina confirmed the news and said I do not feel safe anymore. I am free-spirited working girl and very confident to make my way through the concrete jungle. But when the stranger at the door, it's time to worry because it's only me and my faithful daughter of the house. "

Now the actor wants to quickly move to a location with better security, but there is no cake walk considering her celebrity status. "I've looked at several places. But the moment they know that there are some well known, they roam the price. I need to move to a place where I feel safer to live alone. Whatever it costs," said the actor.

She even had an extra girl for the purpose of increasing security, but it was not. "The new girl is not able to go along with the first girl, so I had to ask her to leave" added Katrina.

The actor is now looking forward to putting an end to her solitary residence when her sister Isabel joined in Mumbai to pursue a career in Bollywood. Katrina said: "But there are still some. Isabel is still learning the Lee Strasberg Institute. She will do Broadway before making Bollywood. When she comes to Mumbai, I would be fine. Just the two of us in the house together fun. I do not mind living alone, except for safety reasons.

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