Thursday, July 2, 2009

Preeti Jhangiani to make a comeback

She made her debut in a film produced by Yash Chopra and directed by Aditya chopra, what else could a newcomer want? But even to get an entry in Bollywood with hit films like Mohabbatein, Preeti Jhangiani's filmi career refused to get started. The deaths of the debacle followed, and singer for a marriage to actor Parvin Dabbas. Ask Preeti which she blamed for her inability to do so in the movie, and she says sincerely, "I do not see a point in analyzing these things. I can provide a wide range of excuses that I do not belong to a filmi family or that I do not have a Godfather but I will not do it. I believe that each person comes with his destiny, and I would just add to it. "
Preeti Jhangiani to make a comeback
But now Preeti promise to return with not one but two new releases. "I have just finished shooting the river flows headed by Bidyut Kotoky. It is established in Assam and it is about ordinary people being caught in cross fire between the government and the terrorists," she said. Preeti plays a Bengali newspaper editor in this and in Mono, which is shot entirely in London, singer can not five avatars. "It's because I play an actress who plays five different characters. This is undoubtedly the most challenging I have done," she adds.

While Preeti admits that she is not being offered mainstream roles - as she is keen to do - she says that both the films she is doing hardcore commercial films. Is she also concerned that increasing competition (read: Deepika, aSin, Anushka etc) will mean a lack of roles for her? "It was competitive, even when I entered Bollywood, so do not bother me. I think I have much to offer and hopefully some will put their faith in me, too. I agree I have not reached where I wanted in my career, but fortunately, age is on my side, "she says, that to rest the pregnancy rumors that have been making the rounds of late.

She laughs: "It's ridiculous. Just because I am married, does not mean that I am pregnant too. I want to start my career now, finish it!"

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