Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Salman Khan and Katrina on seprate ways

The most hottest couple Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are going toward break up.
Salman Khan and Katrina on seprate waysLast Saturday, salman khan gave a huge paty to his friends,but Katrina was nowhere to be seen, thus sparking the rumors that they have actually parted ways.sallu invited his all best friend and specially dus ka dum team this matter proved that there is something wrong with Salman and Katrina.

Katrina Always attends party of his best friend salman khan any where. but in last party Kat was completely missing,but she kept saying that she and Salman Khan have not split while Salman chose to keep silent.

The crack between salman and katrina is clear like pure glass.but both of them deny about the break up. but public is so intelligent and understood the metter and it not needed to explain. well salman and katrina both are silent and busy with own life.

Katrina is now serious about this relationship because salman is always interfering in Katrina's Carrier. and katrina now wants to be free from salman , one thing is clear from this that sallu is not happy with katrina's behavior. so they are toward to break up soon.

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