Friday, June 5, 2009

Debris found in Atlantic not from missing Air France plane

The Latest news says that The Debris that was founded from Atlantic is not from missing Air France plane. This news says that the france flight The Airbus A330, which was on route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, crashed on Sunday night with 228 people due to a lightning strike. And After monday the French search teams had founeded the some parts of this plane , but according to the technical informers this parts does not matched with the Airbus A330. it means the French search team is still unsuccessful to get the original Debris of that flight.

Debris found in Atlantic not from missing Air France plane

The Worst news is that there nothing information about the passengers who are on the Airbus A330. everybody is guessing about the flight. The relatives of this passengers are in waiting of them but there are no information about them.

There was 216 passengers of 32 nationalities, including seven children and one baby,Air France said. there were 61 French citizens, 58 Brazilian and 26 German. 12 crew members were also on Plane.

If still there are no report of that plane. we must say that all persons on that plane may be dead.
But the Air France is still searching for this plane's Debris. Now the Question is if the Debris is not from Airbus A330 then whose part are they ? French Airline can't answer about this parts.

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Anonymous said...

Is it possible that there was a secondary aircraft involved in the crash somehow since the pieces they found weren't from the wrecked aircraft?

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