Saturday, June 6, 2009

Has Danny Boyle cast Aamir for next film?

Will Bollywood Star Aamir Khan will going to work with the great British Director Danny Boyle ? The New Rumours are saying that this is true and it will great if Aamir is ready to work with him them he can fulfill his dream to get Oscar Award.

Has Danny Boyle cast Aamir for next film?

Aamir Khamn is the only one star whose two films can reach to the race of Oscar Awards. Danny Boyal is the famous from his last film Slumdog Millionaire which was shining in last Oscar Awards. According to report he is thinking to work with Aamir Khan. A.R.Rehman is the first indian who get Oscar Awrd in bollywood. In The Past The Laggan was Nominated for the Oscar Award. But Unfortunately It can not win the Oscar Award.
Seems That Indian Actors are all running after it.

Amir Khan Never comes in Indian Award Functions. Suppose if He wins the Award then what will he do ? Well I think he will go in that award function and receive the award. Any body tell me what's the actual problem to Aamir Khan in receiving indian awards ? I think he only believes to take great awards.

If this is true then luck of Aamir Khan will Shin as Super Hollywood Star . Aamir is really good Actor who deserves to work with Danny Boyle. His Last Film Ghajini was super hit film.
He is best in all the khans. but we can't say anything what happens in bollywood.

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