Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memorial Golf Tournament 2009

The 2009 Memorial Tournament will be held June 1 - 7 at the Muirfield Village Golf Club. The tournament is a major PGA Tour event that features the best golfers in the world.

Memorial Golf Tournament  2009

Tournament Information

During the 2009 Memorial Tournament a radio station broadcasting in the service competition to update motorists on their way to be done. Listening to the broadcast of the 1610 AM radio dial to tune your car, it will offer the traffic, parking and the latest information about weather conditions for. Muirfield Village Golf Club patrons a three-to five-mile radius from within broadcast should be able to receive.

Memorial Tournament 2009 Schedules

1. Memorial Tournament on Monday, June 1 - Practice Round
2. Memorial Tournament on Tuesday, June 2 - Practice Round
>Gates open at 7:00AM
>1:30PM Exclusive PGA/Military Golf Clinic Driving Range (West Tee)
>Honoree Ceremony - 3:00 pm
>Jack Nicklaus Golf Clinic - 4:30 pm
3. Memorial Tournament on Wednesday, June 3 - Practice Round
>Junior Golf Day
>Double Skins Game - 1:00 pm
4. Memorial Tournament on Thursday, June 4 - First Round
5. Memorial Tournament on Friday, June 5 - Second Round
6. Memorial Tournament on Saturday, June 6 - Third Round
7. Memorial Tournament on Sunday, June 7 - Final Round
"Awards Ceremony Following Play"

The Memorial Golf Tournament Events Schedules

Memorial Tournament 2009

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