Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kiran Kapoor Murder Case: Daughter Sakshi Kapoor & Boyfriend detained

In a twist to the murder of a Kiran Kapoor, 55 year old woman in New Delhi on May 28, 2009, the police authorities has arrested her daughter Sakshi Kapoor,teacher at a local playschool and her boyfriend four days after the murder.

The murder case of Kiran Kapoor resident of Paschim Vihar, New Delhi has reached a twist as preliminary investigations pointed out that two robbers was behind the incident.
Kiran Kapoor Murder Case: Daughter Sakshi Kapoor & Boyfriend Arrested
Here is the complete development of the brutal murder case:

A 55-year-old woman stabbed to death in her residence by two unidentified robbers while her young daughter managed to escape from being attacked as she hid herself in a room.

The robbers used kitchen knives to kill her. Her body bore multiple stab injuries.

Daughters Report
Kiran's daughter Sakshi (25), a school teacher, was preparing food when she saw the men entering their house.

Scared by their presence Ms. Sakshi hid herself in the drawing room and after sometime she heard the sound of the television in her mother's room get louder.

When the robbers left, she went to her mother's bedroom where she found her lying in a pool of blood.

Sakshi Kapoor then informed her father, brother and maternal uncle.

Kiran was rushed to Balaji Hospital where doctors declared her brought dead.

Initial Police Report
Robbers entered the house easily and ransacked two of the three bedrooms before decamping with cash and some valuables.

Robbery was the motive behind the murder as the robbers have ransacked bedrooms before fleeing.

Jewellery Kiran was wearing was intact.

Investigation Development

Certain leads pointing to the involvement of someone known to Kiran.

Police finds certain discrepancies in the statements of Kiran's daughter Sakshi.

Thieves after entering, immediately went to Kiran's bedroom knowing that all the valuables would be kept in her almirahs. This shows that at least one of the two assailants had completed a recce of the house.

Sakshi says she has failed to see the faces of the accused.

Sandeep Dhall, nephew of the deceased and one of the first to reach the site, told Times City that two bedrooms one of which belonged to the elderly couple were completely ransacked.

The Latest twist
Kiran Kapoor, returned home suddenly last Thursday evening and found her daughter Sakshi, 26, in a “compromising” position with Sunny Batra, 21, a college student.

Kapoor, who had earlier warned Sakshi against developing a relationship with Batra, abused the two.

The couple stabbed the woman with knives and empty beer bottles.

Sakshi then decided to project the incident as a robbery, and the two ransacked the house.

Sakshi regularly watched a crime investigation serial, CID, on television and was deeply “affected” by it. “Like it is shown in the serial, she thought she would be able to hide the facts by cooking up a false story of robbery and murder by unknown assailants.

Sakshi has had a string of boyfriends — at least 11 or 12 in the past years. But her family was completely in the dark about her behaviour and conduct


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