Friday, June 5, 2009

End Of Bollywood Strike

Great News for bollywood lovers,finally the problem between the producers and multiplex owners has been resolved.
End Of Bollywood Strike

Yes , its true. Bollywood strike that running since last two month is now ended last Thursday night.After a long meeting between the producers and multiplex owners they decided to realease films from June 12, 2009.

Every one is waiting for this strike's end but it was going to be solved.I think it is great for all youngsters and all movie lovers now they can see new movies on multiplexes.

There are coming big banner movies with big stars.Shahid Kapoor is coming with Bharadwaj's Kaminey, which narrates the story of identical twins and their journey to fulfil their dreams.other film is starring Akshay kumar as hollywood stuntman.Salman khan is coming with Veer that is romantic Action film.

Now everyone is waiting for this new film's release. since long we all are thinking that when will the new Bollywood Masala will see, but don't worry the waiting is over now and we can see new films from 12 june 2009.

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