Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shoe hurled at indain PM Manmohan singh in Ahmedabad| Watch Video

Ahmedabad, April 26 (Inditop) an unknown person, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, an election rally in Ahmedabad on Sunday during a shoe drawer, but the lack of missile good forum where he said this came from.

Due to shoe attack on Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, There is more typical security in surat where Manmohan Sing will giving one more harangue at Surat in Dharuka Collage ground, Police believe that surat is most dangerous then Ahamedabad and More People favors of BJP.

Prime Minister for a moment the special protection group (SPG) personnel as in the Tagore Hall Paldi area during his speech at the place where the shoe was landed at the run stopped. This shoe about 20 feet away landed.

I think the leaders have not closed on Brsne shoes. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in the latest case would be the victim of left shoes. Rally in Ahmedabad on Sunday, Prime Minister, where they were 5 years of your work and give details of the work on the basis of the vote was called.

Then a man sitting in the front line of the shoe tossed at them. Although the man over the distance of the stage due to the prime minister did not shoe. By the police that the person is taken into custody and is being questioned. Congress have criticized the event.

Police this person, the first in line to the press gallery said the drawer was a white sneaker.

Watch Video Here

The man was pinned down by security personnel and taken away for questioning.
The fourth time that the shoes have been thrown on political leaders.

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