Monday, April 27, 2009

Feroz Khan Dies in Mumbai Hospital

Bollywood actor Feroze Khan, on Monday lost his battle with cancer and their Bangalore.far died in the farmhouse.The 69-year-old actor - producer at 1:30 am at a farmhouse in Bangalore dead, family sources said. Actor Fardeen Khan, son and daughter Laila Khan,Khan has been saved.

 Feroz Khan dies

He is suffering from cancer and was diagnosed for a long time in a hospital in Mumbai was being treated. Day after his funeral will take place in Bangalore, the sources said. Actor was born and brought in Bangalore.

Bollywood actor of yesteryear and that the 70s' hits including 80 of his films was known for 'Dharmatama', 'Qurbani' and 'Jaanbaz'. He featured in the latest film in the blockbuster 2007 hit 'Welcome' Movie

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