Sunday, April 26, 2009

BEA Arthur The Star of Golden Girls and 'Maude 86 Dies In

The most significant "this will not happen until season three that Arthur will win the Emmy bookend. Getty that night with the winning quartet" All in the family as a whole as well as sitcoms-award winning cast in the form of Amy joined the record book. (“Will and Grace" Debra messing third such show when her Emmy win in 2003 all will be done")

Golden Girls loss

I just Golden Girls because a lot of ground has been broken for want to say, the first recurring gay character, in the way that women's sexuality to deal with the first prime time show, and sometimes between winning nest. These three shows that these records hold all the content in the context of land are broken. They say that or just give a general is incredible?

Golden Girls loss

However, my favorite Golden Girl Sophia (Estelle Getty), who unfortunately also passed, his hard to see the show without the constant of my life amazed. I, as well as Estelle Getty, always important issues of society and the family to discuss their contribution are remembered for BEA Arthur said. I show what I will never forget

Maude, Golden Girls video Maude and Golden Girls star Bea Arthur dies

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