Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha ronson rekindled their relationship

Li-Lo and Sam an item again?

Power-lovers spent Thursday night together. According to gossip Stateside Miss Former Lindsay Lohan and Hottest DJ Samantha ronson may have rekindled their relationship. Friends have been worried for her slim look, some even telling it as a cry for help.
Li-Lo and Sam an item again
Power-lovers spent Thursday night together after the Li-Lo did a late night visit to Sam's pad and was seen nagging out in the early hours. Since then, both have changed their Facebook relationship status. She was seen enjoying a spot of retail database management database Wailea Beach Mall.

Lindsay was found in a good mood in Hawaii over the weekend on a break with the Pals. Lohan has rarely been seen out of LA's bars and clubs after the split. Sam has gone from "Single" to "Married", while Li-Lo now reads "It's Complicated" She is a self-destructive person. It is part of her crying for attention. –people source.

"She wants Sam to see how bad she hurt and she wants Hollywood to see her as a" tortured artist "who is wasting away. This is a symptom of something much larger - a desperate need to be noticed.
Power-lovers spent Thursday night together

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