Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kim Kardashian Purchased Engagement Ring Already

SIRIUS on the radio "Covino and Rich" show during his recent visit, even though boyfriend Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian still has not proposed to her she already has purchased an engagement ring. "They certainly we all know" that he bought the other day, remember the bride's bling ring with the shopping - a woman to be friends.

Kim Kardashian

Therefore, although this figure - socialite, Reggie gem already claimed a spy ring that sounds like how a signal can not. "I certainly fear it and it's probably more, just like that when she's getting a good deal he feels he is way more expensive and had told her," he said. "He knows how it looks. I think I-ve e - mail photos to him a lot."

Kim Kardashian for about two years, the current boyfriend has been dating Reggie Bush. Although he bought the engagement ring, yet he and Reggie in the near future, he will tie the knot did not mention.


Past Expiry said...

Speaking of engagement rings….
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Anonymous said...

Kim Kardashian engagement ring ?!
Kim Kardashian and NFL player Reggie Bush, who have been together for at least a year, have been pondering wedding ...
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