Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pictures Gallery For Miley Mania Hits London

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana in London for the premiere, but Miles and his screenmate, Demi Lovato is eager to talk with.
On women, focus on a few fans - you can chat later.

Miley Mania Hits London

Miley Mania Hits London

Miley Mania Hits London

MileyCyrus, Billy Ray and DemiLovato

 MileyCyrus Billy Ray and DemiLovato

We wouldn't have thought this is Pixie Geldof's scene.

Pixie Geldof

Blimey has Billy Ray seen what kind of frock his 16-year-old daughter is strutting about in?

Miley Mania Hits London

Sam and Amanda Marchant to be happy summer is on its way. They show these small creations are in your PIN.

Sam Marchant and Amanda Marchant

Regan-Paul Gascoigne and Bianca Gascoigne

Regan-Paul Gascoigne and Bianca Gascoigne

Peter Jones doesn't look such a dragon with his brood in tow.

Peter Jones

Nicola McLean looks like she's been getting a bit friendly with the old face fake tan.

 Nicola McLean

Miley Mania Hits London

Miley Mania Hits London

Yup - but I'm a T Miles is like a big man in jeans and - on one condition, though he did a brave face.

Miley Mania Hits London

Demi finally loses miles long and one-legged pose for glam goes.

Miley Mania Hits London

Here we go - Miley is so funny she's got Demi collapsing with laughter.

 Miley Mania Hits London

Arsenal player Michael Silvestre and his Wag, Severine, have brought along their munchkins to enjoy the flick.

Michael Silvestre

Madeline Duggan and Thomas Law

Madeline Duggan and Thomas Law

Liz McClarnon has developed some serious overnight hippage.

Liz McClarnon

Lisa Butcher and daughters

 Lisa Butcher and daughters

High School Musical star Jemma Mackenzie Brown is in a risky little mini.

 Jemma McKenzie Brown

Have we caught Sadie Frost's design partner, Jemima French, by surprise?

Jemima French

Jason Donovan is brimming with enthusiasm and total - is fine, in addition to all of wife, Angela Malloch - Maybe he'd prefer to see East Enders

Jason Donavan

James Nesbitt looks like he's got his hands full with these little ladies.

James Nesbitt

He's proper street, our George.

George Sampson

Demi in the limelight is a Mo - We love this beautiful frock tinfoil.

Demi Lovato

Seems like there's no expense spared as the Miley circus rolls in.


Claire Merry the new premiere regular is a proper yummy mummy. And how cute is young Tea?

Claire Merry

Tomorrow we are in a flouncy Tutu, but it is a re-think like Bianca Gascoigne saw her today, her street 'tude discovered.

Bianca Gascoigne

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