Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hackers Working for the Mobile?

It is time to protect your computer or Laptop. Now friend also need protection to your mobile. Hackers stole more data last year than in the previous four years. In its 2009 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon investigated 90 cases of data breaches that exposed 285 million discs, which represents nine lines per second.

This figure is much higher than 230 million data records lost in the five years combined from 2004 to 2008. The study looked only for violations of the attack that led to a deterioration of the records used in the crime.

Verizon Business found that organized crime was behind 90 percent of all violations involved compromised records. Saturation of the market has driven down the price of credit card numbers on the black market.

Details, which was valued at approximately $ 10 to $ 16 per record in the middle of 2007, is now sold for less than 50 cents per recording day. As a result of the personal identification number (PIN) fraud has exploded as the criminals are targeting financial companies to steal your PIN, and together with the corresponding credit and debit card accounts.

Financial companies accounted for 93 percent of more than 285 million records compromised. The report also found most data breaches originate from external threats than internal, with 74 percent of the fractures caused by external sources.

Hacking is the leading cause of data breaches for the fifth consecutive year, is involved in 94% of the cases that led to the violation records. Malware was involved in over one third of cases studied and contributed to nine of 10 in all the records broken. SQL injection was the preferred form of attack used in 79% of cases the records were compromised.

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