Monday, April 20, 2009

Miss USA, Miss California 2009 speech! Ouch! (Video)

Ouch! Speech Fail! Miss California, owned by Perez Hilton! Miss USA 2009! Holy crap! : D Booed! What a noob! "" We in the country, where you can choose only one - or the opposite sex marriage marriage, "Prejean live ...

Who won the 2009 Miss USA? Kristen Dalton from North Carolina it is! Kristen Dalton 19 April 2009 was crowned in Las Vegas! Wilmington, Kristen Dalton, an ambitious 51 motivational speaker, the other title of 2009 Miss America contestants vying for the top of a native rose. Dalton award of a New York apartment, two-year scholarship to New York Film Academy, a public relations team is being managed by an unknown and include salaries.

MISS USA 2009 - Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton

Miss USA 2009 Finalists include:
• Miss California - Carrie Prejean - first runner up
• Miss Arizona - Alicia Blanco - second runner up
• Miss Utah - Laura Chukanov - the third runner up
• Miss Kentucky - Maria Montgomery - fourth runner up

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