Thursday, June 25, 2009

Real world cancun

If the real world of last season are not wild and crazy enough as a long-running franchise MTV's spring break capital of the world for the latest installment debauchery courtesy to close 10 tonight on MTV kick to the head set.
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Real world: Cancun, eight strangers starrer is brand new, twenty second season of the MTV reality show, marking the fourth season that the real world after the U.S. moves out of the series,: London, the real world: Paris, and the real world: Sydney .

"Cancun Brooklyn, a gritty and more for the environment was a good one," says co-producer Jonathan Murray real world.
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For a long season, this season's group work, Cancun spring break put site with resources for college students as a guide for the journey, "to help people in the service of work and enjoy a holiday, "Murray is safe in their own words.

In the light of the swine flu epidemic that hit Mexico, the executive producer Jim Johnston to follow them in their ugly head "before the production has stopped said." Members did not put this later came down with the disease, show spokeswoman Lauren Sammak says.

Branch of the real world: Cancun Hooters waitress and model Ayiiia Elizarraras, Penn State students Bronne Bruzgo, University of Massachusetts, free agent footballer Christian "CJ" Koegel, Hooters waitress Emilee Fitzpatrick, openly gay Derek Chavez, Houston, Texas native Jasmine changes include Reynaud, Methuen, Massachusetts native Joe Rozmus, Discovery Kids, and the winner Jonna Mannion.

Mexico one of the eight strangers to live in the hotels, my Cancun, a suite of rooms in the wild lifestyle to accommodate the armed.

About tonight's premiere together with the real world: Washington, DC for the 23 season the real world after the film to start: Cancun is set.

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