Friday, June 26, 2009

Jeff goldblum dead

Jeff goldblum dead
Report by Jeff Goldblum and Harrison Ford's death are grossly exaggerated.

As the nation was hit with not one, but two tragic celebrity deaths Thursday - Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson - the web seemed to suggest two more Hollywood Demis had happened the same day: "Jurassic Park" actor Goldblum and "Indiana Jones" himself, Harrison Ford.

The rumors about Goldblum and Ford are too early, which turned out to be false, and was well-known Internet pranks that once made similar claims of Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise. "Reports that Jeff Goldblum has died are completely untrue, said the actor's publicist in a statement Thursday evening." He is fine and in Los Angeles.

According to, these stories are automatically generated with false scenarios over prank websites. Users simply plug in a name - which in this case was Goldblum, and Ford. For Goldblum, it was suggested he fell to his death while filming a movie in New Zealand. Ford has disappeared during a boat in the French riviera.

This type of prank first appeared online in 2006, and targeted Hanks. Similarly Cruise was reported "dead" in 2008. It is still alive and breathing Goldblum and Ford have one thing in common, however. They will share the big screen in 2010. Couples co-star in the New York-set "Morning Glory", a comedy about a failure in the morning news, which also stars Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton.

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