Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Neda video youtube | Neda agha sultan shocking video

neda agha soltan

A young Iranian woman was shot to death on Saturday while allegedly attending a protest with his father in Iran. While few details are available about who shot her and why the young woman has been called "Neda" which means "conversation" or "voice" in Farsi, and has emerged as a rallying symbol for Iranians opposed to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Footage of the gruesome shoot quickly appeared on YouTube and other sites. The contents of the video is graphic; YouTube requires that you verify your age before you see it. CNN, meanwhile, links to a video which allegedly shows "Neda" and her father in a protest before the shooting.

neda agha soltan
neda agha soltan

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Anonymous said...

If Iran one day moves further to democracy and it was your country, at 26 wouldn't you think less of yourself for not being there and witnessing a peaceful movement that shaped your country's history? That was her only crime. Watching one of her country's most pivotal moments instead of cowering in her room as the authorities required.

I was so moved by this tragedy and what it seemed to symbolize that I wrote a song dedicated to Neda:
Youtube: "One Lost Vote"

Best Wishes to Iranians all over the world

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