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Shivratri a Festival of Lord Shiva

SAMUDRA churning of the ocean (the shake Sea) | Samundra Manthan

During the samudra manthan (the churning of the ocean) by the Gods and demons, haalaa-hala, a poison, came out of the ocean. It was so deadly; it could have wiped out the entire creation. At this juncture, on the advice of Vishnu, the gods approached Mahadev and prayed to him to protect their lives by consuming this poison. Pleased with their prayers, out of compassion for living beings, Lord Shiva drank the poison and held it in his throat by binding it with a snake. The throat became blue due to the poison (thus Lord Shiva is also known as Neelakantha) and Shiva remained unharmed. The incident shows that Shiva, who may be seen as the divine Destroyer, is also the Protector.

Pralaya (flood)

Second edition, is that once destroyed the world and facing the goddess Parvati thought it was to save her husband Shiva worship. He Jivas for pralaya (flood) the long period during the night, when they should be active again, he is a blessing, but (G-souls) remaining in space - a lump of wax - the gold dust particles as if they asked him to worship just as it did then. His prayer was granted. As obtained through her Pralaya Parvati, by lethal super night for the worship of Ishwara Sivaratri great night or in the name of Shiva.

Favorite Day of Shiva

Construction after the completion of the ritual was as happy to have him, Parvati asked Lord Shiva the most. Lord said that during the 13th Maagha new moon night, his favorite day. Parvati your friends, spread the word on all these words repeated Creations.

The story of King Chitrabhanu

Peace festival in the epic Mahabharata, Bhisham, and right arrows on discoursing (justice) of bed rest whilst (chapter) in general to follow the Shivaratri by King Chitrabhanu referred to. The story is as follows:

Chitrabhanu the king Jambudvipa (earth) Ikshvaku dynasty reigned in, the one with my wife that this is the day of Shivaratri General had a fast time. Sage in a court of the king Ashtavakra visited.

Lord King of his vow to follow with the objective of asked. Chitrabhanu the king, born of his previous events was a gift to remember her previous life and he was a hunter in Varanasi and his name was Suswara explained. His only livelihood to kill and sell birds and animals were. The day before the new moon, while through the forests in search of animals that move around, but saw a deer before his imminent death on his arrow deer family and their sorrow flew attention. So live it. He also when he was overtaken by night and shelter for a tree still had not caught up. It happened to be a Bael tree. As he was hungry and thirsty their canteen leaked water. These two Torments awake all night, his wife and children of the poor and hungry were eagerly awaiting his return he kept thinking. Plucking is engaged in the Bael leaves and dropping them down to earth at the death.

He returned home and you and your family with food for the next few days. About the fast break for a stranger was the moment came to him and begging for food. That stranger to his food was served first.

At the time of his death, the Lord Shiva's residence to conduct his soul to the Lord Shiva sent the two officers saw. She fainted from the worship of Lord Shiva during the night of Shivaratri earned great merit was to have taught for the first time. Officials said that for the worship of Shiva (a symbol was a Lingam) under the trees told him. This is the worship of the Lingam to worship false fell in the left is going. His canteen of water leaked from the Lingam (also a ritual action), and wash all day and all night he was solid. Thus, he unconsciously worshiped the Lord.

With the conclusion of the story of the king of the Lord that he lived in residence for long life and enjoyed divine bliss and now he has been reborn as Chitrabhanu.

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