Tuesday, February 24, 2009

See photo,Do you like Michelle Obama's New Hair style?

Barack obama's wife Michelle Obama appeared in public with a different hair style on Friday, some people said to her hair style,she pulled back her hair. Michelle Obama’s hair is politically correct. Her hair stylist said about her hair, he uses a flat iron to make obama's glam look and her different occasion he will use a ceramic curling iron to do the flip out look that her sports so well.

Barack obama's wife Michelle Obama,different hair style on Friday,politically correct,

Michelle Obama is a first lady takes care to maintain her hair by weekly appointments with her hair stylist. She has found a hairstylist, named Johnny Wright, who will make that her hair will always be appropriate for a First Lady. Michelle processed African or American hair require that extra care for her to maintain it's straight and sleek look.

The First Lady, who rarely about with various hair styles, and her every style choice expressed shock at Friday for a speech at the Department of Transportation. Michelle needs a hairstyle that is low maintenance because her schedule would not get permit on to spend half of day in a salon.

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