Friday, February 20, 2009

Biggest 100 ft Borneo Monster Snake Photo,news

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Did you know? Borneo Monster: Photos that allegedly show a 100-foot long snake turning into a river in a remote Asian country of Borneo. Local villagers promise to become a reality, they say it is the shape shifting snake Nabau tradition, others are not so sure. This picture was allegedly taken from a helicopter of a member of a flood monitoring team.
Borneo Villagers believe,45 feet long and weighed more than 2500 pounds,snake may sound unlikely,Biggest 100 ft Borneo Monster Snake video result-,ANACONDA -The biggest Snake in the World latest video-,

Some say that the picture would be misleading with photo-editing software with the help of a computer device. while others have suggested that the picture is really a log 100FT hose or other think it is a movement of survivors from a speedboat. People who have completed the aerial photography discharge last indictment, they say that a log can not take a clear snaking form and both lost a fake wake.

Borneo Villagers believe that they knew the Nabau, the hose had a dragon head and seven nostril can change form. A 100-foot long snake may sound unlikely, but just before last month a fossils found in Colombia, a large antique hose that extended about 45 feet long and weighed more than 2500 pounds.

ANACONDA -The biggest Snake in the World latest video-

Biggest 100 ft Borneo Monster Snake video result-

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Anonymous said...

See how is this done in Photoshop:

Anonymous said...

This may be photoshopped, but i used to live in Brunei and as I was driving home late one afternoon down a new 'jungle' road I saw a large dark snake crossing. The road had two lanes, one in each direction but was probably narrower than normal. Nonetheless I stopped the car as I didn't want to run it over and sat an waited till it had cleared across the road. I don't know how long the whole process took, but its body already spanned the road as I approached , I slowed and stopped and sat and waited , so it must have been at the very least 45 foot long if not longer. Unfortunately this was in the early '70' and long before we had camera phones.

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