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Vote For Miss america 2009

Dates announced for the 2009 Miss America Pageant. Miss America 2009, the 84th Miss America Pageant will be held in Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada Saturday January 24 2009. Live from Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, on teaching and learning center (TLC). Many participants competed in the State Pageant in both Miss America and Miss USA systems many times before winning titles, and some were in other states to them, when they won the state telecommunications title.During finally threw the publication of semi-finalists, the top Tuesday compete in Swimsuit and evening gown. The five go on to compete in the talent competition, and the three face a final interview round.

Miss america 2009

2009 Miss America Pageant promises to be an exciting event with the announcement of the strikingly diverse panel of national judges. This year's panel of seven judges women includes a Broadway star, a famous designer denim, a Miss America turned philanthropist, an Olympic gold medaljevindere; a casting genius, a celebrated entertainment news reporter and anchor, and hot hairdresser in Hollywood. The participants continued through the final night of competition, which will be premiering live from the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas Saturday 24 January 2009 8:00 ET live / PT tape-delayed, exclusively to teaching and learning (TLC). Judges were announced Sam Haskell, III, chairman of the Miss America Organization (Mao), Art McMaster, president and CEO of Mao, and Anthony Eaton, producer of the 2009 Miss America Pageant. This year's panel of judges consisting of experts in each of the areas that a young woman must excel in being named Miss America. Miss America must be beautiful, talented, intelligent and well spoken, a leader has a duty to her community, be contemporary artists in their style and fashion - a relatable and individual it girl "who can connect with today's modern woman, other than to be physically fit.

Miss America: The countdown to the crown

TLC (Teaching and Learning) presents four-part reality series Miss America: Countdown to the Crown, capturing the excitement as the 52 Miss America participants live together and meet the challenges that will help them better prepare for the iconic Pageant. Each one hour episode, hosted by Tyler Harcott, will follow the participants as they navigate through a series of team and individual competitions that will help them to prepare for the Pageant and prove that they have what it takes to be a modern-day Miss America. This year, which is higher than ever - the viewers at home, will have the power to vote four participants directly in the Pageant Top 15th Tune in starting Friday, Jan. 2 2009 at 10 PM ET, and 52 participants compete to get their final crowning moment for Miss America 2009.

52 Beautiful in Miss America 2009 Contest video


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