Friday, January 2, 2009

Lie over for Zune users in New Year

After countless 30GB Zunes froze up on New Year's Eve, users spent the first morning in 2009 attempted to subvert the problem of mixed results.Leap years problem with Microsoft's Zune player continues to leave many cold, in spite of assurances to all would be well to the on New Year's Day.Postings the Zune message boards Thursday morning, when people tried out Microsoft's recommendations and other Zune users' suggestions ranged from hopeful.The drying process should only take a minute or two. If it is hanging on this screen, disconnect the power, battery drain, and then again to restart, use Raw Deluxe wrote about Zune Forums.Mine never done it again. The battery drained ok, but it tried to start again, and is now good and dead. I talked to support and they agreed on - a brick, cuts on the Zune users on Wednesday - the last day of a 366-day leap - reported that their 30 GB Zune devices were freezing up.Complaints rippled across electronic bulletin boards that people began to gadgets and found they could not come to their songs or photos.

Middle of the day, Microsoft had identified the root of the problem: the Zune's internal clock was stumbling point point, as it tried to relate to one portion. A Zune Boards forum user claimed to have identified the real trouble spot in the clock driver code.The Zune's real-time clock time in relation to the days and seconds since 1 January 1980, wrote the user itsnotabigtruck. The Zune frontend first open at the end of the boot sequence. The feature will continue to draw either 365 or 366 before it is down to less than a year today, where it then becomes a month and day of the month. The thing is that when it comes to the last day of the leap, it continues to go before it hits 366, thanks to it, if (day> 366), it stops to take something, if the loop is to be a leap. But 366 is too big to break out of the main loop, which means that the Zune keep looping forever, and do not do anything.For those who do not yet have problems, Microsoft said to refrain from Zune to connect to a PC before noon GMT on Thursday.One user JediFarfy tried to mollify emilysuz about Zune lacks sync.Mine will not be in the first half, so I kept dissolve it and build it on both ends (complete and Zune). Was about 4 times, and it finally connected. Your Zune had a rough, confusing days, give it some love and it will be good.


If you want to disconnect the battery, or not to disconnect the battery-

Microsoft strongly advised users to ignore advice from the forum visitors, who proposed to abolish the Zune battery to reset the device:

It is a bad idea, and we do not recommend to open your Zune as yourself (for one thing, doing so will void the warranty account). But if you've already opened it, do one of the following:

• Wait 24 hours from the time that you reset the Zune and then sync with your computer to refresh the usage rights; or

• Delete the player's content using the Zune software (go to Settings, Device, Sync Options, Erase All Content), then re-sync it from your collection.By midday Pacific Time on Thursday, some users found life returning to normal for their Zunes: "Mine came back today just as advertised.... all songs worries.....," wrote DadGuy, though it wasn't clear which recovery method he had followed.

Failing Zune 30GB New Years Eve Update 1


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