Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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If anyone had doubts, is mild (4.7 size) earthquake in Los Angeles tonight stressed that Twitter has changed the character of breaking news.

I was on AOL Instant Messenger with a friend in LA just before 8:39 PST a few minutes ago, when he Imed me:

(11:38:58 PM): earthquake

(11:39:00 AM): in LA

(11:39:03 PM): right now.

I immediately searched "earthquake" on Twitter, and it was already five Tweeters about it. In Re-tweeted (sent) with the easiest naked truth: "RT @ tomhumbarger earthquakes in LA ..."

Two minutes later, there were hundreds and hundreds of Tweeter with eyewitness reports, links and discussion about the tremors. Here is just a fraction of Tweeter sent within 20 seconds.

Live Earthquake

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