Friday, July 17, 2009

2009 British Open Leaderboard

In the first day of the 2009 British Open leaderboard to take the old Tom Watson, winner Mark Calcavecchia and one behind the other in closely with the 59-year-old saw sitting. And, according to the challenge of the Alias Course stepped-year-old Rory McElroy 20 of

 2009 British Open Leaderboard

He started to adopt a fearless attitude to his stroke he certainly put in the second and seventh holes to birdies seemed. But a little in the eighth, when he challenged his campaign pulled the fat and fat appear to make the green in two attempts.

But it was not right and that is what is ball four minutes to find 20 people deep grass, 30 yards in advance is possible. Their game as they were able to retrieve and a solid 69 on the end, though he stopped Rory, did not.

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