Saturday, May 30, 2009

Introduce The Egs HiPhone Nano F210

Keepin' it real fake, part CCXV: HiPhone Nano meets Aura in a knock-off of modest proportions
EGS some of the excel F210 HiPhone nano borrows. Well, the glow. And why not? Half the fun of this scene KIRF the way that these bandits mix and this time they may experience the crazy wave devices according to aspects of the game is. Of course (the other half the fun? Battery explosion.) With the functional and quite possibly the iPod click wheel, stylish with this bad boy features: tri-band GSM, a 1.4-inch screen, VGA camera, Bluetooth A2DP, FM tuner, and any kind of media player. Grabber as China says: "This mobile phone is tailor made for small girls, the discovery of personality, culture, courtesy of you will dare to taste! $ 139.99 for you today. If you are feeling lucky hit the read link to have done something wrong and see for yourself.

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