Monday, July 12, 2010

Tata Sky:Blocks Fifa World Cup Final on ESPN HD|Dish TV vs. Tata Sky

After the excellent TV ad for Safina / Airtel DTH [video] that talked about a program from mobile released, TataSky a PR who said its subscribers can now start recording from their mobile and internet. I called TataSky immediately and they said very soon feature will be launched in April 2010. So far it has not yet been released. A kind of deceptive PR.

But when you pay Rs. 2700 to buy an HD box to watch only four channels, all you want the service will be delivered as promised. Not sure about other DTH providers, but at least Tata Sky has not kept its commitment to good. Tata Sky sold its HD set-top boxes with a insurance to show Wimbledon and the 2010FIFA World Cup Matches Live on HD. To see these games in HD was pretty impressive, with crystal clear images and super sound.
Everyone could see the canal was a message that says "This channel is not part of your subscription.

Now July 11, just before the extra time was about to end in FIFA World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands, Tata Sky blocked its ESPN HD channel.So if you plan to buy the HD box, do well, as the price of Rs . 2600, you will only get two channels: Nat Geo HD and Discovery HD.

Audio signal on all five HD channels, Dolby 5.1 via SPDIF. But Star Sports HD and Discovery HD only tele casting in 5.1. NGC HD, ESPN HD and HD Showcase is MONO.Remote is almost half the size of SD Remote and look good in black color and very good and convenient remote control.

For those who used the "favorite channel" in the TataSky remote, everything is gone. We lost all these "avorite channels. Got sit and program it again. with greater emphasis on new technology. The DVR recording and MPEG-4 compression), satellite TV seems to be uninterested in now,but with more and more people switch to Tata Sky, they must take drastic measures soon.

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