Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joe Jonas Experiences Trampoline Fail Video

The Jonas Jonas' Brothers during the concert is once again was involved in an incident. Ago when he played drums with a drum stick Nick 'Jonas hand after beating
Together, they experience a trampoline Toronto, Sunday, August 30th at the Rogers Center in Canada in three of his music during the show failed.

Joe Jonas Experiences a Trampoline Fail

Trying to entertain the audience, the boys played with a trampoline, which was set on the stage, during their performance of "Much Better". Nick and Joe proceeded to do some tricks in which the older brother jumped over the youngest brother. However, the Camilla Belle's ex-boyfriend failed to have a smooth landing as he landed on his but. Still, he got up and nailed the next jump.

Toronto, Nick Jonas, Jonas and Kevin Jonas of the Jonas' Brothers music appear as Demi Lovato made a surprise guest, "that I had joined the performance. Show was part of the Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009. World During the trip, Jordin also appear as guest artist on shows in North America and South America leg will be held in Sparks 2.

Video: Joe Jonas Experiences a Trampoline Fail

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