Thursday, August 27, 2009

Two Moons on 27th August | Two Moons | Mars Close to Earth | August 27 Mars | Mars August 27

The two moons in the 27 August 2009 is just a joke! Dos Lunas Cielo (2 moons in the sky) is impossible. Many expect to see two moons tonight while watching the sky, but let me break you sweet dreams by telling you it is false and are not even possible. This is only one world to send e-mail spam that started the rumor, and it is not more than that. I do not know if you got one of these emails in the last 3 years, after day 27 August 2009, there will be an unusual event in the sky. It is people will be able to see 2 moons instead of the ordinary, we usually see. In fact, since 2006 is a spam email being forwarded around the world?
Two Moons on 27th August | Two Moons | Mars Close to Earth | August 27 Mars | Mars August 27
I remember I got it last year and that really caught my attention and I had read it. Usually I only send this e-mail to the spam box, but that one was interesting, but the fact is it is fake and stupid. The email explained that today August 27, 2009, Mars will be very close to Earth, and this incident will not happen before the year 2287!

So because of this close encounter, we will see two moon-size objects in the sky! Well, if we use our brains a bit, it is easy to see, this is not possible. Even with an ordinary pair of binoculars, we can not see Mars as big. Now to see Mars as the size of the moon, the planet approaches the Earth over millions of KM!

This is not possible. Fernando Jauregui, astrophysicist from the planetarium in Pamplona-Iruna turns this argument on IETB days. Well if you were the person who sent the e-mail to your friends as well, so be sure you have a good idea lol. So if you want to see the sky in the evening enjoys the sight of the stars and the moon, do it, but do not wait until midnight to see two moons.

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