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As the baby-faced brothers Alex and Derek King, 12-and-13-year-old, respectively, killed his father in his Cantonment, Florida home on the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2001 with a baseball bat and then set the house on fire to hide evidence of murder that story of national headlines. The case was one of the most notorious murders in state history. Six years later Alex, now 18, is a free man. He was released Wednesday morning, 9 April, 2008 to 9:45 after serving six years for his role in his father's death.
Alex And Derek King Case Updates
To summarize the story, was the boys' father, Terry King, sitting in a lounge chair with your feet stacked up on a couch and fell asleep when he was forced to death with an aluminum baseball bat.

Firefighters are working feverishly to extinguish the flames that had deliberately been discovered the body. Further investigations showed that the left side of his head had been bashed in; making it easy to establish that he had not died of smoke inhalation.

His two sons, Alex and Derek were nowhere to be found. At first the authorities have considered the possibility that they might have been abducted, but the day after they appeared at the Escambia County Sheriff's Office after being driven there by a family friend, 40-year-old Rick Chavis. The two boys quickly confessed that they had killed his father. Alex claimed that he had thought it bizarre plan, and Derek said he had been the one who had swung the bat.

They were afraid; they said that their father would punish them for having run away from home 10 days earlier. It turned out that they had lived at home with his father's friend, Chavis, a convicted sex offender, for many of these ten days. It was later revealed that Chavis had allowed them to hide in the back room in his trailer home when their father had come looking for them. Chavis was convicted in 1984 of molesting three boys of different ages.

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